Monday, March 14, 2011


This past weekend we decided to visit a miniature golf and amusement park.
I could think of a million things I would rather do on a Sunday than: bumper cars, bumper boats and race cars! But, with 3 men in the household -  we are a testosterone driven family. 

After a minute in the bumper car; I signaled my husband that this would be the only bumper car ride for me, since my neck was being twisted and thrown in all kinds of directions.  I apparently overlooked the sign at the entrance warning people with weak hearts,delicate necks and fragile kidneys against riding the cars!
I eyed the much more pleasant looking bumper boats, and didn't pay too much attention to another big warning sign at the ride entrance:

A minute into the ride, when I was feeling rather high on gas fumes, a warning on the outboard engine appeared, only inches away from my face :

WOW, so not only did I half break my neck on the bumper cars; now I am also exposing my kids to cancer causing chemicals.
We headed over to the race cars, where my husband was jumping in excitement along with my boys. Those cars were driving FAST. Pretty fast for a 3 and 5 year old – and WAY too fast for their mom. 
Another sign killed whatever peace of mind I had left in me for this  FUN, HEALTHY family trip.

Instead of plastering these warning signs all over the park, they should just hang one big sign over the ticketing office by the main entrance saying: "STAY AWAY - DANGER"!