Wednesday, May 11, 2011

They call me NANCY!

When I moved to California in 1999, I was invited to a FISH concert. FISH…hmmm….do I need say more; other than this is the trip where my friends from graduate school nick named me Nancy   --   as in Nancy Reagan.

Just say NO – I don’t understand the amount of Californians who smoke pot for recreational reasons.   I thought pot was something people try once or twice in high school  - of course without inhaling – and then were done with the world of drugs.  WRONG. 

I am told over and over that smoking Pot is just part of Californian culture. It is.
While hanging out with intelligent Santa Barbarian friends in their 40’ies, it is not unusual to see someone smoke pot while others have their beer or wine. ( In California, it's pretty much legal now to buy, sell, grow, and smoke pot.  This article from the New Yorker details the industry that's sprung up around this legalization.)

So Pot is just part of California culture huh?....….and I just have to live with it?
I am raising two boys in this culture, and will do anything to raise them as mini Nancy’s. But, what if I fail?....….is this how I will reprimand them?

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