Wednesday, August 17, 2011

California Babes

I just spent two months in Denmark, and experienced a reverse culture chock. The faces of my girly friends moved. Believe it or not. When they laughed or talked: Their. Whole. Face. Moved.
Guess, I have just gotten so used to the Californian strive to look younger – or is it just weirder. The plastic surgeons almost ran out of work after every single Cali -woman got their breasts a cup or two bigger, glow-in-the-dark-teeth and fuller than full lips. So they invented BOTOX.
Don’t get me wrong. All my American girly friends are beautiful. The hard labor and $$’s pays off. I am their lost cause.
So, today one of them felt sorry for me and invited me to a “TOX” party.
Toxido party I thought, and asked out loud what the occasion was.
“Occasion” she answered; “to enjoy ourselves”.
“I’ll go”, I replied “I love enjoying myself”.
“I use 60 units” she continued, “what is your level”.
“My level of WHAT?”
 “Botox ofcourse”.
Yes, of course, Botox. Welcome back!


  1. Finally . . . a post! I've missed your blogging : ) And that story is too funny!